Which Email is good out there ? & Tiny URL

Posted in Computer with tags , , , on June 8, 2008 by Tarun

I just made a small spread sheet, comparing the 4 major (i.e. which i use) web based free email services –

  1. Gmail
  2. Hotmail
  3. Yahoo! Mail
  4. Lycos Mail

I put it as one of those amazing Google Docs stuff, you can access it at  –    http://tinyurl.com/5evqpv

anyone who wants to edit it, please let me know..


and also for the first time used tinyurl (www.tinyurl.com),

which is amazing, after seeing so many people use it, it really makes URLs looks nice. and it does not have any accounts or registration or stuff.

What tinyurl does is, you enter a seemingly long cryptic URL and you get a short url which maps to your long one. simple as that.

Guess the implementation of tinyurl is just one huge database table with two columns, old url and new url…

example for the above document –

original url –http://spreadsheets.google.com/pubkey=prFwhpisLhrS_SQotugfNDQ

tiny url – http://tinyurl.com/5evqpv

I am feeling some kind of Deja vu regarding this concept but not able to pin it down.. let us see if I remember anything later on..

well this service also proves one thing, smart ideas are not always complex, they can also be the simplest.

Net Neutrality

and also found some links to the net neutrality campaign at the bottom of the tinyurl.com home page.

which reminds of some video which made it to the top on digg, and featured on diggnation, that if the network companies have their sway in a few years even internet will become like cable television, we pay based on which of offered sites/channels we subscribe to. That would really suck.. I believe consumerist decisions and consumer power will stop that from happening, but in the world of money, business and politics anything can happen.. just hope this does not happen..


Personal Information Database

Posted in Computer, Projects on May 27, 2008 by Tarun

I was thinking of gradually developing a database schema , based on my personal requirements and maybe useful to others.

and on the side a personal manager application can be developed around it as an interface.

well, this is mainly to play around with MS SQL Server 2005 developer edition tools, which I installed via the Microsoft Dreamspark license (from my new found vole love).

And I figure that a database is better of than a spread sheet to maintain such information especially if you want a log of the changes over time.

An issue is , If I have all the stuff in the database, how do I carry those files along ? Any scripts to retrieve and restore data, etc.. Especially for someone like me, who takes regular backups, deletes old stuff and formats the hard disk much more often than generic computer users.

and of course the issue of which database to use, MySQL will be recommended as it is lightweight, available on wide variety of platforms. but as mentioned above I want to play with MS SQL server.

Ruby on Rails has rake stuff, that way you create the objects and irrespective of the database, is there any framework for such stuff ?

some information which would like to be stored are :-

  1. Username/Passwords for various accounts
  2. Software/Games bought
  3. already mature software out there, but can be included just in case for centralization
    1. Contacts
    2. Todo List
  4. Money Accounts (despite the many software out there, none provide simple perfect intuitive simple accounting )
  5. Music/Movies/Books Collections
  6. etc. etc.

what license will be ideal for such a project, as it is mainly information not software code as such.. how will it be classified GPL, Creative Commons or something ?

let us see, where it goes…

Hello world!

Posted in Announcements on May 13, 2008 by Tarun

Halo… I am Tarun Kothuri….

I shall post random ramblings which go on up in my mind over here…

Moving over to WordPress from my hibernation in Blogger…


Posted in the Oasis with tags on July 15, 2007 by Tarun

What is life all about?
It is a game of:
1. Making Decisions
2. Proceed to next level if we attain any of the following states
a. Accepting Failure
b. Not caring what others think about what we do at this level
c. When we actually achieve it there is no charm or the extreme pleasure we thought we would get before starting out on it… a.k.a. things dont seem gratifying once achieved.
d. not regretting and living with any decision be it

The above maybe rudimentary to a game’s progress but the challenges deserving bonuses are–
1. making the decisions in time.
2. choosing between oxmoronic, paradoxic, catch22 situations..
3. making the decision which you do not like because you have to ( like getting hurt now to be able to unlock a gate before killing the opponent)
4. Being convinced of one’s own decisions.

This is the decision philosophy in which our human brain and emotions play in and what makes us different from machines and puts in the essence of life in us…

decisions, this or that, to be or not to be, shall i or shaint i…

my current decisions to be being, which job to join?

mailing lists save us

Posted in Computer with tags on July 3, 2007 by Tarun

There was a time where usenet was de only place . forums, support , etc..
later on almost every project started having its own website, forum, wiki, etc..
the interesting part is you have to register in each and every one of them seperately..
which is basically p.i.a. … remembers all those usernames and passwords, and going through the rudimentary process just to make one post? just try making a count

mailing lists, are better off as all we have to do is send an email…
our email is our access point.. send and email and receive an email… no usernames, no authentication and use the mail client of ur choice….

OOo Base Blues

Posted in Computer with tags on June 27, 2007 by Tarun

I attempted to use openoffice.org base ( ms access eqiuivalent).. got the latest OOo2.2.1 everything fine…

then the troubles started-
1. while creating a table i cannot move my rows around.. everything i add comes to the bottom.
2. how to keep a password. all the help documents state it as a simple click in the save dialog and for some strange reason it DOESN’T exist.
3. i want to change the color of my report after i create it??? where do i do it.. the report edit toolbars are like pathetic. and again the help document describes a simple two click step but none of that EXISTS in my OOo base…

looks like a terrible case of version management with the documentation stuck in another world and features having disappeared to the oblivion…

worst part is these queries seem rudimentary to users in the forum who are more concerned about complicated database connectivity and sql stuff…. dude first fix how to change the color??????? if even this does not work how do u expect people to use your stuff , then whats the point of all those advanced features u keep thinking about……

this is not a crib about opensource… we face similar and often worse problems in the commercial world too… anyone who used any api would realize…. things might be carbon copies but for some strange reason they do not work… maybe thats why we need so man software engineers, so that at least one bakra from the farm has the lucky stars shining to get things working…..

day by day my belief in god and that the world is run by luck and fate and karma is increasing like the melting glaciers on the highway to everest…

change barriers and freedom…….

Posted in the Oasis on June 26, 2007 by Tarun

we have emotions, feelings and moods….
events regulate them, change them and even cause them….

discovering freedom , doing something we dont want to ( i.e. inhibit ourselves from normally ) gives us a sense of a free bird flying and lifts the spirits….

the alternate bible of life should be “who moved my cheese?”….

change is always better, good or bad… we feel liberated and on top of everest if it turns out to be good, and in the event it turns out to be not expected embrace it… as u never know what u wanted, and what u disliked is what u missed the most and desperately needed it… as if u missed getting to the peak, but having a wonderful honeymoon at the base camp… life turns out to be like flowers once we start embracing and get accustomed to to change and freedom………. do the unexpected, dare the limits, embrace the unknown… then u’ll realize the true joy of the innerself which you thought u knew………

If you wonder what if i regret any of these change decisions– u never will… for what is it that mostly determines ur happiness… your memories and self esteem which is built upon those… if the current is joyful, the future will be joyful and confident.. and as changes occur now… they will and can occur even later for even better… so dont be stuck up thinking the whole railway route is determined by this one turn, but there are many in the future… just proceed with the journey… most importantly do the journey preferably in a fast pace… do not wait or let inhibitions come over you…. break them, dare them…. zooooooooooommmm…

when feeling a bit irritated or stuck up, just do simple silly things like touching the nose with the hand, or jumping up and down… and you’ll feel liberated… this is caused by just a token action of breaking the barriers and discovering freedom …. flying like a bird………

a person may need a couple of strong experiences to realize this and get on the world with it……

Its the spark……..